Myrtle Beach Weddings by Hitched at the Beach!

Myrtle Beach Weddings

Every year thousands of brides dream of the perfect Myrtle Beach wedding for their romantic beach wedding destination. But… guess what, professionally managed or coordinated weddings are prohibited by law on the public beaches of Myrtle Beach. So why do we see so many wonderful photos of Myrtle Beach weddings? It is simple, we go around the law. In other words… almost all of these beautiful wedding photos you see are performed either south of the pier at Springmaid Resort (which is Horry County controlled beach and weddings are welcome) or we go north to North Myrtle Beach where the city and locals alike LOVE beach weddings and the good folks they bring to our pristine beaches.

So when folks tell you they got married (Hitched) in Myrtle Beach they are only saying that because most visitors consider the entire Grand Strand beaches to be in or around Myrtle Beach our anchor city here in coastal Horry County, SC.

Here is a list of Horry County beaches and communities that love beach weddings. Garden City Beach, Surfside Beach, Springmaid Beach, Myrtle Beach State Park, Windy Hill NMB, North Myrtle Beach, & Cherry Grove Beach. Contact Hitched at the Beach for suggestions for your perfect Myrtle Beach area wedding experience. Also considered in the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area in North Carolina is Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach & Holden Beach, NC.


See the law at the link below…

The public beach…  Commercially-produced weddings are not permitted on the public beach.  Non-commercial weddings are allowed on the public beach”.